Commercial Diving Jobs in Canada

Diving can be more than a recreational activity; it can be a source of living. Commercial divers, for instance, are professionals who earn a living through their underwater skills. They carry out duties such as building underwater structures, repairing damaged pipelines, maintaining underwater valves, operate underwater cameras, and controlling underwater pollution. Examples of commercial diving jobs include HAZMAT diving, inland diving, offshore diving, onshore diving, and nuclear diving.

Education and certification

The basic requirement to qualify for commercial diving jobs in Canada is, of course, proper diving skills. The Canadian Working Divers Institute (CWDI) offers diving instruction programs to people who are interested in learning how to dive either for professional or recreational purposes. The curriculum offered by the CWDI is divided into two parts: theoretical and practical.

In the theoretical part of the curriculum, aspiring commercial divers are provided with all the information they need to work underwater: advanced gas laws, exploration procedures, underwater safety techniques, biophysiology, diving equipment basics, seamanship, salvage calculations, and emergency procedures. The practical curriculum is the application of the concepts learned in theory class. It involves an intensive diving instruction that includes lessons on leak repair, rigging, underwater photography, jetting, blueprint reading, air lifting, drilling, crib construction, trenching, and hull repair.

To legally work as a commercial diver, however, people need to accomplish a valid certification first. One organization that provides certification to commercial divers is the Diver Certification Board of Canada (DCBC). The DBCD, however, only issues certification if the aspiring commercial diver manages to complete all the requirements requested by the Canadian Standards Association Competency Standard for Diving Operations.