Canada Student Jobs

One of the most common reasons behind a student’s inability to finish his or her studies is financial diffivculties. With the rise of tuition and other school expenses, parents are finding it even more difficult to support their children’s education. To continue their studies despite financial difficulties, some students take matters into their own hands by getting student jobs. Student jobs, as the name suggests, are designed for employees who juggle their time between school and work. Because they have to manage their time between school and work, these are often on a part-time basis.

Where to find student jobs in Canada

Canadian communities have youth employment centres that provide free employment and career services to all Canadian citizens aged 15 to 24. The career and employment services provided by youth employment centres include everything from career counseling to employment assistance. Most youth employer centres also have resource centres where students are given free access to computers, fax machines, photocopiers, and telephones.

With the help of youth servicing agencies and local business units, youth employment centres also help students get job opportunities and gain work experience. Students can visit youth employment centres to inquire about the latest job openings, apprenticeship courses, on-the-job trainings, or internship programs.