Canada Proposal Jobs

Proposals are the formal documents given to bosses or clients to present ideas, suggestions, petitions, or propositions. People write and submit proposals to sell a product, forward a request, or suggest a plan. Here are some examples of proposal jobs:

Proposal writer jobs

A proposal writer, as the name suggests, is the one responsible for putting a business proposal into text. It is the duty of the proposal writer to present all the details of the proposal through writing: the course of action, the cost of production, the discussion of issues, the schedule of events, and the purpose of request. The objective of the proposal writer is to convince the client to support the proposal.

The basic requirement to qualify as a proposal writer is, of course, excellent writing skills. A good proposal writer must know how to write high quality documents that are free from technical and grammatical errors. The proposals also need to be clear and concise so that the recepient won’t have a hard time reading them.

Proposal coordinator jobs

The development and delivery of the proposals prepared by the proposal writer, however, are the responsibilities of the proposal coordinator. It is the job of the proposal coordinator to read and evaluate the proposals prepared by the writers to determine whether they are suitable for submission or not. The proposal coordinator, in cooperation with the managers and the writers, is also responsible for ensuring the submission of compliant bids.