Canada Interior Design Jobs

Interior design jobs are becoming some of the most sought-after jobs in Canada. In fact, the interior designers of Canada formed Interior Designers of Canada (IDC): a national professional association that aims to promote interior design as a profession. The members of IDC also aim to maintain competency standards through the provision of high quality education for interior designers.

Duties and responsibilities

Interior designers are responsible for organizing and decorating interior spaces to make them suitable for inhabitation. To do their job well, interior designers must learn how to balance functionality and aesthetics; all interior designers must provide appropriate design solutions that satisfy both the basic function of the space and the personal taste of the clients.

Duties and responsibilities of an interior designer:

* prepare layout plans * develop design styles * choose color schemes * select house furniture * suggest art pieces * supervise room restorations

Education and qualifications

The entry requirement for interior design jobs is a completed program in interior design. There are academic programs for the future interior designers of Canada, some of which grants degrees. Because interior designers are required to prepare layout and perspective plans, aspiring interior designers need to have excellent freehand drawing skills. Outstanding organizational skills and artistic flair, for obvious reasons, are also required to qualify for employment.