Call Center Jobs in Canada

One of the fastest rising businesses today is the call center industry. Call centers are operated to help company workers communicate with their clients via telephones and computer systems. Through call centers, customers are able to forward their concerns or inquiries about the products that they bought or the services that they asked for. Here are some examples of call center job positions in Canada:

Call center agents

Call center agents provide assistance to customers via computer systems or telephones. It is their duty to answer the customers’ inquiries regarding the company’s products or services. Call center agents are in charge of explaining how to setup the equipment, join the promo, use the features, or order the product. Because their job requires them to interact with customers via telephone lines or computer systems, call center agents are expected to have excellent communication skills and outstanding interpersonal skills.

Call center managers

The people responsible for overseeing the daily operations in a call center are call center managers. Call center managers, in cooperation with the team leaders, evaluate the performance of call center agents. They check whether the call center agents are following the company guidelines or not. The other duties and responsibilities of call center managers include setting target goals, preparing performance reports, and administering training activities.