Automotive Service Technician Jobs in Canada

Automotive service technicians are responsible for the inspection, maintenance, and reparation of automobiles. It is their duty to repair, replace, or adjust the electrical and mechanical components of automobiles. These components include everything from exhausts and brakes to wheels and engines.

Duties and responsibilities of automotive technicians

* inspect mechanical components * replace damaged parts * test automotive systems * perform maintenance services * assemble automobile components * adjust automotive systems * repair faulty parts * overhaul mechanical parts * change motor oil * tune electrical engines

Education and qualifications of automotive service technicians

In Canada, many colleges offer apprenticeship programs for those who wish to start a career as automotive service technicians. The apprenticeship programs in automotive service include both in-school instruction and on-the-job training, which equip students with the proper knowledge and skills to become great automotive service technicians.

A completed apprenticeship program in automotive service is, of course, necessary to qualify for automotive service technician jobs. In some provinces, automotive service technicians are also required to accomplish a qualification certificate before they can apply for automotive service technician jobs. Considering that it is the duty of automotive service technicians to test drive automobiles after reparations, they also need to secure a valid driver’s license before they qualify for employment.