2 Popular Alberta Oil Patch Jobs

The province of Alberta, particularly in the cities of Edmonton and Fort McMurray, is one of the largest petrochemical producers in North America. In fact, the oil patch industry is one of the most profitable businesses not only in Canada but in other parts of the world.

Because of the success of the oil industry in Edmonton and Red Deer, more and more people are trying their luck in landing oil patch jobs.

What are oil patch jobs?

Oil patch jobs involve oil exploration and petroleum production. People with oil patch jobs are responsible for the production and supply of synthetic crude, natural gas, and crude oil. Here are some examples of oil patch jobs in Alberta, Canada:

Petroleum geologist jobs

Petroleum geologists are people responsible for the discovery of oil and identification of oil deposits by locating sedimentary basins. The duties of petroleum geologists include the investigation of potential drilling locations, analysis of cores and cuttings, interpretation of geophysical logs, observation of strati-graphic arrangements, and examination of reservoir rocks.

Drilling engineer jobs

Another in-demand job in the oil patch industry today is drilling engineering job.

Oil drilling engineers are responsible for managing oil drilling activities: they prepare drilling plans, estimate drilling time, administer oil contracts, coordinate pump installation, develop cost estimates, develop drilling procedures, and monitor drilling activities.