2017: In Demand Fort McMurray Construction Jobs

Have you got some skills and experience working in the construction industry? If you have, read this article and find out the increasing demand for construction jobs in Alberta, Canada!

The successful oil industry in Alberta, Canada, may well be attributed to the rise in oil prices in the recent years. Given the fall in recent times, Companies have started searching for more and new sources of oil, thus, paving the way for new and major constructions taking place in the region.

And as oil companies build the facilities necessary for extracting and upgrading the oil discovered, there is an increase in the demand of skilled construction workers to fill in the field job vacancies.

High demand for construction jobs

There is a very high demand for skilled workers from different trades across the ten provinces and three territories that make up Canada. All of these regions have the need for quite a number of skilled laborers who have garnered adequate work experience from their previous jobs, in the construction industry.

It has been estimated that Alberta’s huge “oil sands” reserves produce an estimate of 1.7 to 2.5 trillion barrels of oil, and therefore would need more mining and processing facilities. This then translates into various opportunities for the construction workers.

This opportunity has provided a great deal of work for the locals of Alberta, which has ushered the economic boom in Alberta.

In-demand construction jobs

With the devastating fires in 2016, construction jobs in Fort Mac are expected to be in high demand inĀ 2017. There’s a very high demand for carpenters which are offered a salary of approx $35 per hour; plumbers with salary of $42 per hour; plasterers or drywallers, given a wage rate of $28; painters, given the salary rate of $25 hourly.

There is also high demand for electricians going at $35 per hour with 5 years of construction experience needed; Tile Setters with wage rate of $25 every hour, with minimum 3 years of experience; and lastly, the need for Construction Project Managers with offered annual salary rate of $95K to $160K and with minimum 10 years of construction experience.