Pros & Cons of Temporary Staffing

What is temporary contract staffing?

Temporary contract staffing or temporary contract management staffing is a type of service offered by a contract staffing agency. The contract staffing agency focuses solely on interviewing and hiring applicants who want to do temporary work in a particular industry. In the end, the contract staffing agency keeps a record of applicants whom they may send to companies that need temporary workers.

What are the advantages of temporary contract staffing?

In temporary contract management staffing, companies are able to save money, effort and time. They are free of the hiring process and can focus on their business operations. The companies also do not need to provide benefits and holiday pay to the temporary workers and do not need to burden permanent employees with more work if it is needed.

Temporary contract management staffing also favors people who like to shift work from time to time. They get to look forward to a new experience and environment and learn new skills. Full-time mothers who may want to go back to work may also enter the workforce through contract staffing agencies.

What are the disadvantages of temporary contract staffing?

The disadvantages fall mostly on the side of the employees. For one, the contract they sign with employees mark them only as temporary workers. As temporary workers, they do not receive any benefits, sick leave, or holiday pay even if they may have been working with companies for years.

Another disadvantage is that, since they do not become permanent workers, they have no certainty of keeping a job for a long time. Anytime the employer wants to terminate the contract, the temporary worker cannot do anything and will have to find another opportunity somewhere else.